It’s a dangerous life in the Stratford Galaxy, but a captain like yourself is no stranger to schemes and treachery. This is a sci-fi, Shakespeare-inspired social deception card game where everyone must fend for themselves to complete their personal quest!


Play as one of twelve unique Shakespeare-inspired characters!

From Hamlet to Lady MacBeth to Prospero, complete the goals and trials of the most famous -- and infamous -- characters yourself.


Manipulate and deceive your enemies to achieve your goals!

You're free to lie about who you are and what you have, since you never reveal your cards until the rules say so. But watch out: other players might call your bluffs!


Enjoy fast-paced action with strategic depth!

As you play the game, develop your personal strategies to play each captain in unique ways. Aggressive or passive Puck? Underhanded or fair Iago? It's up to you!


The Rules

Everyone gets one secret Captain card (which determines what you must do to win) and two secret Permit cards, which are powerful abilities to help you on the way. If you don’t have the Permit you need to use a certain ability, you’re allowed to lie and bluff that you have it anyway… but if someone calls you out, you’ll take damage!

The main resources for you to manage are Health, Energy and Blood.

  • Health is important to keep track of because you need it to stay in the game, and it'll also influence how bold you can be with bluffing.

  • Energy is spent to perform most actions; it's also used for some captains as their win condition, so keep an eye out for any hoarders.

  • Blood is obtained by attacking. Other than making your subsequent attacks stronger, a few captains require accumulating blood to win. Getting blood on your hands is permanent, and can't be undone!

In order to get ahead in this game, you'll have to persuade -- or trick -- the other players into helping you get closer to your win condition, even if it's drawing attention away from yourself as you prepare to win in a grand finale. Everyone else will be doing the same, though, so make sure you're not falling into someone else's hands!

You'll Like This Game If

  • You enjoy social interaction in your games, but also want the opportunity to strategize

  • You specifically want games that feel different every time you play

  • You wish you could flex your persuasive skills more often

  • You like Shakespeare and/or aliens

  • You're shy but have a devious side

  • Your playgroup is 5+ friends and Jackbox® isn't cutting it anymore


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