Mitchell Loewen

Designer, project manager, secretary


Hometown: Toronto, ON.
Education: Candidate for Master's in Game Design at The American University. Bachelor's of Knowledge Integration and Psychology, Joint Honours with a Collaborative Design Specialization from the University of Waterloo.
Design Style: Approaches problems from a holistic perspective, paying attention to the interactions of various design decisions. Aims to iterate on existing ideas to improve and streamline their application.
Favourite Genre: Roguelikes. But more importantly, enjoys any well-designed game for the interesting ways they can shape emergent experiences.
Games That Best Describes Him: Binding of Isaac, Hearthstone, Dixit, Breath of the Wild, Dungeons and Dragons.
Games That Most Inspires Him: Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, Dream Quest, Super Mario Galaxy, The Last of Us.
Favourite Foods: Omelettes, milk, fried eggs, casein shakes, cheese curds.